Lose Weight Like Your Man

A woman wearing a scarf at the gym

(BlackDoctor.org) — Men typically lose weight faster than women, and usually when they’re trying only half as hard. Women typically hit the gym for weeks before seeing a single pound difference on the scale.

But guess what? According to weight loss experts, the typical male weight loss techniques can work for women, too!


Guys don’t usually munch on things like 100-calorie snack packs; research shows men are less likely to eat goods labeled diet or low-cal, thus they get in more nutrients (and avoid unhealthy saturated fat) by fueling up on whole foods, which are also more psychologically filling, says Heidi Skolnik, former team nutritionist for the New York Giants. So that means snacking on nuts, yogurt, hummus, cheese sticks, fruit and vegetables and skipping that totally unsatisfying small serving of crackers.