Back Pain Prevention: 5 Harmful Habits

Back Pain Prevention

Back Pain Prevention

( — We all have bad habits some of the time. But now is a good time to fix the bad habits that can be harmful to your spine and cause back pain. Here are the top 5 bad habits that can be harmful to your spine:

1 – Twisting when Lifting

So many people make this mistake! We forget to check our body mechanics while lifting, yet too much of this type of movement can be very damaging to your back. When lifting, follow these steps:

• Get close to the object
• Bend your knees and grasp the object firmly
• Lift straight up (don’t twist!) in one fluid motion
• Hold the object close to your body
• Move close to where you want to place the object
• Bend your knees when lowering the object

2 – Bad Posture

How often to you think about your posture? If you’re like most people, not often enough. But bad posture — slouched shoulders, head down, knees locked — places an enormous amount of stress on the spine. Good posture keeps your body in balance and helps avoid that stress. Here’s what good posture looks like when standing: