Healthier Relaxed Hair…Now!

african american woman twisting her long hair

( — For a lot of women, relaxing their hair is like cooking: they don’t think deeply about it, they just do it as they saw it done growing up. Imagine the number of middle age women putting a relaxer in their hair today. Now, imagine how many of them have never fully read the instructions.

If you want your hair to be healthier (and still keep it relaxed), it’s time to do a little better than that.

Relaxers: What You Need To Understand

We can start by understanding that there is nothing natural about using chemicals to straighten kinks into bouncy bristles. Relaxing your hair is a chemical process. Your hair, like everyone else’s, has a certain amount of natural elasticity. This gives it the ability to stretch and to bounce back. This means after relaxing, when you have moved on to styling, you will be pulling and tugging on straight strands that are altered from their natural state and stripped of their nutrients.