9 Things Your Teeth Want You To Stop Doing

cigarette with brown filters showing(BlackDoctor.org) — Too bad your teeth can’t speak for themselves. If they could, they would definite sit you down and hand over a nice-sized list of bad daily habits that you’re probably guilty of that are not only endangering your smile, but your overall health is well.

If your teeth could talk, they’d tell you to:

Stop Smoking

Cigarettes, as well as other tobacco products, can stain teeth and cause them to fall out as a result of gum disease. Tobacco can also cause cancer of the mouth, lips, and tongue. If you were looking for one more reason to quit, think of your smile.

Stop Using Your Teeth As Tools

Opening bottle caps or plastic packaging with your teeth may be convenient, but this is one habit that makes dentists cringe. Using your teeth as tools can cause them to crack or chip. Instead, keep scissors and bottle openers handy. Bottom line, your teeth should only be used for eating.