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    Money & Bipolar Disorder

    Bipolar sufferers should have a “collaborative care plan” that outlines a care partner’s role. For instance, if he or she has the urge to spend $50 or $100, they should run this by their care partner first. And if overspending does occur, they should take responsibility and apologize, and try to mitigate the consequences.

    To help keep better control of your wallet:

    • Keep only one credit card with a low limit.
    • Have several care partners in place.
    • Let one trusted care partner monitor your bank account and credit card.
    • Keep most of your money in non-liquid investments, such as CDs.
    • Take classes in financial planning.
    • Join Debtors Anonymous, a 12-step program that helps participants deal with many different aspects of overspending.

    With prior planning, consistent treatment and a lot of support, you can keep your finances in good health, even through the manic episodes.

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