Money & Bipolar Disorder

bipolar money

bipolar money

( — Let’s face it – the holiday season can be an expensive time of the year. Feasts, accommodating guests, presents, presents and more presents…things can quickly get out of hand, especially for people with bipolar disorder. Many people don’t even realize that there’s a connection.

Many people who overspend feel that they are richer than they are and ultimately feel more powerful because of the risks they are inevitably taking. Further, recent studies show that people with bipolar disorder are twice as likely to develop gambling problems compared to those without the disorder.

If you suffer from compulsive spending brought on by bipolar disorder, these suggestions may help you avoid spending beyond your means.

Healthcare professionals suggest that people with this condition should enlist “care partners.” Every highly successful person who has bipolar disorder has several care partners with whom they check in multiple times a week.