10 Fast Facts For Amazing Hair

two african american woman with natural hair styles(BlackDoctor.org) — There are so many healthy hair truths and myths out there – especially when it comes to Black hair, which requires particular care and attention because of its unique nature. Doing too many of the wrong things can not only harm your hair (and scalp) and prevent it from looking its best, but it can also cause severe damage, even hair loss.

For Gorgeous, Shiny, Healthy Hair:

• Eat plenty of iron packed foods or take iron supplements. Iron is a good source of nutrients that will give you healthier skin and hair.

• Use Vitamin E. This vitamin is the epitome of shine. Vitamin E has special agents that create a silky, shiny effect for your hair. You can take a supplement or use a leave-in conditioner, shampoo or deep conditioner fortified with vitamin E.

• Use hot oil treatments.