10 Fast Facts For Amazing Hair

two african american woman with natural hair styles(BlackDoctor.org) — There are so many healthy hair truths and myths out there – especially when it comes to Black hair, which requires particular care and attention because of its unique nature. Doing too many of the wrong things can not only harm your hair (and scalp) and prevent it from looking its best, but it can also cause severe damage, even hair loss.

For Gorgeous, Shiny, Healthy Hair:

• Eat plenty of iron packed foods or take iron supplements. Iron is a good source of nutrients that will give you healthier skin and hair.

• Use Vitamin E. This vitamin is the epitome of shine. Vitamin E has special agents that create a silky, shiny effect for your hair. You can take a supplement or use a leave-in conditioner, shampoo or deep conditioner fortified with vitamin E.

• Use hot oil treatments.

• Use moisturizing shampoos and deep penetrating conditioners. These products are ideal when you are trying to get soft, healthy hair. They help fill empty spaces in the hair shaft and seal in shine. In particular, be sure to use deep conditioners often.

• Use a leave-in and rinse-out conditioner in combination with a wide toothed comb. You will have the easiest time managing your hair this way. This method will also help ensure that you get the tangles out, which may be more common when you have split ends.

To Prevent Damage & Hair Loss, Be Sure To Avoid:

• Overdoing it with curling/flat irons. Your hair will experience heat damage if you use heat too frequently. It is best to not use it any more than twice a week. Also, be sure to use a quality heat protection product to buffer the damage.

• Being rough with your hair, especially when it’s wet. Wet hair is the weakest hair, so comb gently starting at the ends to release tangles.  Use a leave-in detangling product to assist in the release of tightness and tangles.

Popular Hair Myths

• Brush your hair 100 times daily. Do not do this. Excessive brushing is actually very bad for your hair. If you are too rough with the brush, and you just repeatedly brush the same area, it can lead to breakage and split ends. Only brush your hair as much as you really need to.

• Split ends can be mended. Split ends can only be temporarily sealed, not mended. The only permanent cure is to have your hair trimmed regularly.

• Pre-natal vitamins make hair grow – During pregnancy, the hair often looks its best because hair remains in the growing phase during the entire pregnancy. However, after the birth, usually about 12 weeks later, or after breast-feeding ceases, about 50 percent of mothers experience what appears to be excessive hair loss. In reality, this hair is simply entering the natural resting stage – which had been delayed by the pregnancy (a condition known as post-partum alopecia).

Caring for Black hair certainly isn’t easy, but by following the above basic tips, and taking the time to show your locks some extra TLC, maintaining your beautiful hair should be less of a challenge.


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