Great Exercises You Actually Want To Do

couple dancing( — Sometimes you need to break out of the gym and mix things up with some new types of workouts…especially when the weather is warm.

“The most ideal activities are ones that don’t feel like exercise,” notes San Diego’s Jessica Matthews, MS, certification director for the American Council on Exercise and an adjunct professor at Miramar College in the department of exercise science, health, and nutrition.

So switch up your routine this summer and try one one of the below workouts – you won’t even feel like you’re working out, but you’ll still reap the fitness benefits.


Dance is another fun activity that also happens to offer one of the best workouts. You’ll burn calories whether you choose ballet, hip-hop, country-line, or ballroom dancing. Dance is an exercise that encourages creativity and moving your body freely. And, while you’re learning new moves, you’re also getting a great workout. “Depending on the intensity of your steps, dancing can burn between 130 and 250 calories per 30 minutes,” Matthews says.