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    Essential Health Habits For Frequent Travelers

    Although we commonly equate business travel with airline flights, most is conducted in cars covering shorter distances. Regardless of the mode of travel, factors contributing to elevated health risks are thought to be prolonged inactivity, disruption of sleep patterns, consuming more snack and fatty foods, and lack of exercise.

    Here are some recommendations for minimizing the effect of frequent travel:

    • Do some homework before your trip to find healthier restaurants, and look for vegetarian fare in particular.

    • Practice stress reduction and relaxation training to help ease the burden of busy schedules, waiting in lines and disruptions of daily patterns.

    • If you’re an employer, incentivize good habits. For example, companies might preferentially reimburse healthier eating.

    • If you’re an employer, contract with hotels that have fitness facilities or affiliations with health clubs. Some recommend developing an exercise routine with stretch cords that can be easily packed in a suitcase and used in the privacy of a hotel room.

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