Are You Breathing Right?

African American Black woman older meditating breathing peaceful( — If you know how to breathe in the right way, it can encourage relaxation and a calm, and a more focused mindset that will help you throughout your entire day…no matter the situation. On the other hand, if you breathe in a shallow, constricted way, you will not get the full benefit from your life…including when you exercise.

The most important part of most exercises, particularly yoga, is breathing.

How Can I Breathe Better?

The best way to work on improving your breathing is to rest on your back. If your physical condition makes getting down to and up from the floor difficult, do this on your bed. Some people may want to roll up a blanket and place the roll behind their knees to relieve lower back strain.

1. Permit your face to point toward the ceiling; if you have a tendency for the neck to form an exaggerated arch, place a folded blanket or small pillow at the back of your head.