Spa Treatments To Avoid

woman laying down in spa( — A trip to the spa can be an opportunity for much-needed pampering. However, some spa treatments can also be harmful, so it is important to do your homework so you know which ones to avoid.

Before undergoing any services, you should contact the spa you are considering and ask questions about the treatments you are interested in — what will be used and what to expect — before you make an appointment. And while it is always a good idea to get a personal recommendation, you must remember that each person will still react differently to various treatments.

Most spas specialize in skin care and will teach you how to choose the right products for your skin type and how to use them. Having licensed aestheticians on staff  is a sign of a good quality spa that is qualified to perform such procedures and treatments as microdermabrasion, facials and certain chemical peels.

Low-strength chemical peels to help rejuvenate the skin are appropriate to book at a day spa. But if you are looking for a more focused result for skin discolorations such as melasma, you should go to a dermatologist’s office where such a procedure can be done in a more controlled environment. The strength of the chemical peel required to achieve effective results should only be handled by medical personnel.

If you are seeking Botox injections, find a licensed physician or other medical personnel who has been trained to perform the procedure. Check with your state’s medical board to verify training. Florida, California, Texas, and Oklahoma are a few states that allow someone other than a physician to inject Botox, but they do require the presence of a licensed physician to be on site to supervise.