How To Wake Up Thinner!

A yellow baking dish filled with buffalo-flavored popcorn
Who doesn’t want to slim down while STILL eating their favorite things, not counting every single calorie, or taking up permanent residence at the gym?

Well, great news! Experts say that you can still lose weight by making small changes to your daily routine. In fact, they say that it’s actually one of the best ways to lose, since you’re more likely to maintain little habit tweaks, as opposed to much larger ones.

Buy the right PB.

“Buy natural varieties of peanut butter and pour off the oil sitting on top. Each serving will have 20 fewer calories and 2 to 3 fewer grams of fat. It’s a small difference that’ll add up to a couple of pounds per year.”

Eat popcorn.

“Skimping on fiber will make you gain weight. Forget the pretzels and go for a bag of low-fat popcorn. It has five times the fiber and only 90 calories for six cups, so it’s filling and satisfying.

A recent study found that when women doubled their daily fiber intake from 12 to 24 grams, their bodies absorbed 90 calories less per day. You could lose almost 10 pounds in a year!”