Summer Dieting Done Right!

A large family sitting at a picnic table for a July 4th barbecue( — Once summer hits, most people find themselves much busier than usual. Endless barbecues, business lunches and fundraisers, end-of-the-work-week drinks and dinners, and even more partying on the weekend – all while you’re trying to diet. Sound familiar?

Do Diet Plans + Busy Social Calendars Always = Pounds That Won’t Go Away?

Trying to sync your diet plan with a packed summer social calendar could be like mixing oil and water — a frustrating, if not impossible, effort. Sooner or later it becomes obvious why those pounds are sticking around instead of melting away.

You can control portion sizes and calories when you’re making your own food. But enter a room with a buffet table, an open bar, and circulating trays of bacon-wrapped shrimp, and who can keep track?