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    The Best Times To Eat

    When you eat is just as important as what you eat.  Timing of your meals and snacks can contribute to how efficiently your metabolism works, how well you lose weight, and how full you feel during the day. These are all important parts of maintaining a healthy, happy body.

    Breakfast. Remember break-fast literally means breaking the fast. Consider the act of eating breakfast as the jumpstart to your body’s engine.  The sooner you eat after waking up the faster your body will start burning calories and get your “fire” or metabolism burning.  Maintaining the “fast” will keep your body in calorie conservation mode and prevent you from getting that boost of energy you get when you eat a nutritious breakfast.

    Snacks. Eating healthy snacks between meals keeps your metabolism going and helps keep your hunger under control so that you can feel good and avoid being hungrier and overindulging at lunch and dinner.

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