9 Questions To Ask Before Having Children

Father touching pregnant belly(BlackDoctor.org) — Things used to be so easy. A couple got married, then got pregnant, then had the baby, then Mommy stayed home to raise the baby, while Daddy worked to support his family. Now?

Today, times are a bit different. Today, no matter how much you’re in love, or how much you really do want children, you and your partner need to have a REAL talk about the what’s, why’s and who’s of starting a family.

Here are 9 things you need to ask each other (and yourselves)…

Do you have enough money for a baby?

Babies are precious gifts, but they’re not inexpensive. Cribs! Diapers! Daycare! A tricked-out stroller with a built-in light show! And they need food, too. Can you make a realistic financial plan and leave something extra for the unexpected?