Natural Remedies For Cold & Flu For Kids

glass-thermometerYou know that the common cold can be one of the most fatiguing features of winter, often lasting weeks. The flu is another debilitating infection, often more serious and accompanied by a high fever, body aches, and chills. Here are some natural treatments that may help you shorten the life of a cold or flu and get you back on your feet:

1. Curb your cold or flu with supplements
Immune-boosting supplements may be helpful in fighting off a virus and strengthening your body’s defense system. A short list includes:

Homeopathic remedies for the cold and flu—Products such as Oscillococcinum may decrease severity and duration of flu symptoms.

Vitamin C—A higher-than-normal dose of 1,000 to 4,000 mg per day may make your cold shorter and milder.