Can Lack Of Sleep Lead To Hair Loss?

A hair brush on a surface( — Even if you manage to cover the dark circles under your eyes and get the red out, your hair may be a dead giveaway that you’ve been burning the midnight oil.

Sleep is the body’s natural restoration period, the time when it rejuvenates and repairs itself. When this suffers, our hair can too. Without enough shut-eye, our tresses simply won’t grow as thick or as fast, and they will often lose their shine and bounce.

Worse than lackluster hair is losing it altogether.

According to a leading hair loss clinic in Britain, The Belgravia Centre, a lack of sleep has been shown to affect the body’s immune function, hormone secretion, and physical and mental stamina. Hair is very sensitive to changes within the body, and hair loss is nearly always the consequence of an internal disturbance.

That internal disturbance is often stress — something that goes hand and hand with sleep deprivation.