Men: 7 Ways To Conquer Your Stress

senior man smiling( – Stress is a serious modern-day factor in everyone’s health, including men. Daily tension and emotional strain has been linked to heart disease, high blood pressure, migraine headaches, and many other chronic illnesses. Men experiencing high levels of stress can also experience anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, and depression, and are very likely to turn to unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking, overeating, and/or drug abuse to help deal with that stress.

Why Is Stress So Dangerous?

Stress is harmful because it presses biological buttons inside men that have long outlived their usefulness. When a man had to battle wild animals to save his family, that stress prompted certain fight-or-flight responses within his body:

• The heart rate soared to send more blood to the brain, improving quick decision-making.
• Blood shunted into the large muscles of the arms and legs to provide more strength and speed, and away from the gut.