The Savvy Way To Eat Out Right

young african american couple eating at a restaurant ( — If you’re trying to maintain a healthy diet, but still like to go out to restaurants now and then, eating healthy can sometimes be a challenge. While many restaurants now cater to health-conscious consumers, there are still those that may not.

How can the savvy restaurant customer eat well without thoroughly compromising their nutritional and dietary goals…and, of course, without sacrificing taste?

Watch Those Portions

In some restaurants—often the most expensive ones—meal portions are laughably small, so sometimes there’s nothing to worry about. However, in certain establishments, huge portions can cause the patron to actually eat more than he or she really wants to. Monitor portion sizes, take home a doggie bag if you need to, or split the meal, if possible. If they charge five dollars for two patrons to split a meal, it may be worth your while to do so.

Also, buffets are especially dangerous since we feel like we need to get “our money’s worth”. Eat sensibly, and make sure you’re eating because you’re still hungry – not just because you can eat more without paying extra!