Stroke And HBP Found In Pregnant Women With Migraines


woman with headache

Woman with a Headache

( — Acccording to a new study, pregnant women who have migraines might have a higher risk haveing a stroke, high blood pressure, and blood clots.

Migraine describes a cluster of symptoms that usually includes a severe throbbing pain on one side of the head accompanied by nausea, vomiting, dizziness or extreme sensitivity to sound, light, touch and smell, according to the Migraine Research Foundation. Women who experienced migraines during pregnancy were 15 times as likely to also suffer a stroke, the study, published online today by British Medical Journal, found.

Stroke is rare in women who are expecting, about four cases for every 100,000 births, “so this relative increase is not as alarming as it might seem,” the researchers, led by Cheryl Bushnell, a neurologist at Wake Forest University in North Carolina, wrote in the paper. Still, doctors treating pregnant women admitted to hospitals with active migraines should help to reduce the risk of vascular ailments and treat pregnancy complications, the researchers said.