Three Things That Keep Us From Faster Weight Loss

A smiling woman on the treadmill at the gymEveryone wants to know the secret to losing weight faster. While some have found small successes here and there, many are missing the point: which is it doesn’t always work, all the time. Even if something started to work, your body changes and you need to adapt.  No matter what kid of weight loss plan you’re on, here’s three things to consider.

Many diets and dietitians promote such mini meals, but they may not be any better than three square meals a day when it comes to feeling full and satisfied, according to a new study. There have always been a lot of claims that mini meals are better, but there haven’t been any scientific evidence to support these claims.

I. 3 Meals vs. 6 Meals

Twenty-seven overweight or obese men were placed on a reduced-calorie diet in which either 25% or 14% of the calories came from lean protein for 12 weeks. Men were asked to eat the same diet as three meals or six meals a day for three days starting at week seven, and then they switched to the other eating pattern for three more days.

Men recorded their feelings of hunger or satiety every hour that they were awake during the three- or six-meal-a-day portion of the study using an electronic device. Men who ate low-calorie, high-protein diets felt more satisfied and less hungry than those eating a low-calorie, normal protein diet, the new study showed. Those men who ate six mini meals a day showed no improvement in appetite control or perceived fullness compared to those who ate three meals a day.