5 Tips To Getting Lucky Tonight

young african american couple standing face to face(BlackDoctor.org) — Whoever said, “A bed is for sleeping”? Probably either someone sleeping alone or someone who’s relationship is in a bit of a rut. Just imagine – you reach for your partner laying next to you in the darkness – heart racing, blood pumping – only for them to fall asleep on you! Who wants to deal with that kind of rejection? No one! Unfortunately for millions of couples, when it comes to sex, this has become their sad rule rather than the exception.

If you and your mate have fallen into this sexual rut, here are five tips to help you break the cycle, starting tonight.

Take the TV Out of the Bedroom

In the age of DVR’s, Netflix, etc., it’s easy to become perpetually distracted. Removing the television from your bedroom will allow you to focus on finding other ways of entertaining yourself. If you’re too lazy to move it, or if you think it’s just too taxing to lug it out of the room, it may be a good idea to at least agree to unplug occasionally (just in case you happen to get tempted to reach for the remote out of habit or in a moment of weakness).

As an added bonus: You and your partner can up the ante a notch by agreeing to “consequences” if the “no tv ban” is broken. These consequences should involve doing something special for, or to, your partner – the more intimate (and creative) the better. Before long, you may find that the tv in the bedroom gets just as much use as that TV informercial exercise gadget you just had to buy!