Teen Tattoo Parties

Teens dancing at a partyIn these tough economic times, the fact is, most African American youths get their tattoos unprofessionally. These tattoos obtained in their friend’s basements, or at tattoo parties are cheaper, faster, and a lot more dangerous than most people think. Amateur tattoo ‘artists’ are literally learning their trade in the city streets and on the canvas of our children’s bodies.

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What’s wrong with an inexpensive home-made tattoo? Aside from the questionable artistic value and poor choice of subject (amateur tattooists will put anything the teen asks on them including boyfriend’s names, vulgar sayings, and downright insults); these tattooists are also unknowingly spreading potentially fatal diseases to all involved.

Because the tattooist bought their equipment, ink, and needles online, there is no control on whether they actually know what they were doing. There is no sterilization of the equipment (you would need an autoclave oven), and frequently, the street tattooist will offer a ‘discount’ on a used needle. That discount may end up costing a large price later in life.