Product Labels: What They Say & What They Mean

A product label showing calories and serving size( — As consumers we are becoming wiser and more selective. We are reading the labels on our cosmetics and beauty supplies and deciding what we do and don’t want in them. But, the smarter we become, the savvier companies become.

Knowing that people tend  to take words in their most common and reasonable context, beauty and cosmetic companies are masters of playing with language to create images that in many cases are false. As a consumer, you need to learn the difference between what a company is telling you and what they want you to believe they are saying.

Natural products

More people are placing faith in benefits from the gifts of nature and are recognizing the dangers of chemical formulations. As this happens the number of so-called natural products is readily multiplying and both old and new companies are steadily cashing in.

But, have you ever wondered what criteria a product must meet to be deemed natural?