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    Aromatherapy Essentials

    Aromatherapy using essential oils is a natural way to relieve the common stress and sleep-related ailments that most of us experience.

    To get you started, I’ve prepared a list of “must haves” for a healthy, beautifully aromatic experience:

    1. Start with the basics.

    • A clean cotton cloth (preferably white 100% combed cotton) that can be used for hot and cold compresses.

    • Carrier oil (organic jojoba or coconut oil). Some essential oils should not be applied all on their own. Instead, they need to first be mixed into other oils, then applied.

    • Aloe vera gel to quickly soothe sun drenched skin. Many essential oils have a variety of healing properties.

    A few notes on coconut oil: it is a natural UV protector and potent antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals which build up under the skin from sun exposure. Daily usage of coconut oil on the face and body drastically reduces sun exposure while slowing down the effects of aging. It also acts as a natural barrier to protect against elements such as smoke, smog and environmental pollutants in the air.

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