The War On Fake ED Drugs

A doctor talking to a male patient while holding a prescription bottle

( — Boric Acid. Lead. Commercial-grade house paint. Sheetrock. Rat Poison. These are just a few of the materials counterfeiters use to produce fake erectile dysfunction drugs.

The demand for sexual therapy drugs has skyrocketed over the past couple of years, and as a result, so has the number of counterfeit pills, and officials are trying to stop these counterfeiters.

In a dirty, disgusting warehouse, with fungus growing on the walls, Federal investigators busted counterfeiters making fake Viagra in China. It’s just one of a series of raids all over the world that uncovered counterfeit pill making operations.

The Internet has made it possible to find almost anything you need, anytime you need it. From clothes to appliances, we shop online because it’s convenient and easy to find the best price. When it comes to buying medicine online, though, consumers need to be sure they’re getting the real thing. Many of these drugs are ordered from what appear to be legitimate pharmacies and are shipped directly to the patients by the counterfeiters. Sometimes knock-offs are so convincing, that even the drug companies themselves have to take a closer look.