Nighttime Cravings: Feed It Or Fight It?

woman kneeling in front of refridgerator at night( — Developing healthy eating habits is an important key to maintaining weight loss and fighting unhealthy cravings. But sometimes…it’s 11pm and that pint of ice cream just won’t stop calling your name! What are you supposed to do?

Is Snacking At Night All That Bad?

Many people overeat in the evening because they have not consumed enough calories during the day. Skipping breakfast, starting the day with foods high in sugar, and limiting your food to lose weight all make it harder for your body to sustain itself later into the evening.

Besides hunger, a nighttime snack can stem from stress, boredom, or habit.

“Emotions and feelings like depression, anxiety, sadness, and frustration also trigger eating, particularly in people who have not developed healthy coping strategies to deal with negative emotions,” says Cathy Leman, RD, a personal trainer and owner of NutriFit, Inc.