Natural Remedies For Endometriosis

    A woman with her hand resting over her stomach( — Chronic pain and bloating in a woman’s abdomen may point to an abnormality of the endometrial tissue. According to research or other evidence, the following self-care steps may provide some relief:

    What You Need To Know:

    • Ease the soreness with C and E
      Lessen the pain by
      taking a daily combination of 1,000 mg of vitamin C and 1,200 IU of vitamin E

    These recommendations are not comprehensive and are not intended to replace
    the advice of your doctor or pharmacist. Continue reading the full endometriosis
    article for more in-depth, fully-referenced information on medicines, vitamins,
    herbs, and dietary and lifestyle changes that may be helpful.

    Dietary changes that may be
    There has been no research investigating the effect
    of any specific diet in women with endometriosis. Preliminary research suggests
    that women who consume more than 5 grams of caffeine per month (about 1.5 cups
    of coffee a day) are more likely to have endometriosis. No study has
    investigated whether avoiding caffeine improves the symptoms of

    Lifestyle changes that may be
    Preliminary studies suggest that women who exercise
    two to four hours per week have less risk of developing endometriosis. However,
    the benefit seems to be limited to those women who participate in vigorous
    exercise, such as jogging or other activities that raise the heart rate. Whether
    exercise will reduce the symptoms of existing endometriosis is unknown.

    Other therapies
    treatments, such as removal of the endometrial areas, ovaries, or uterus may
    also be recommended.

    Vitamins that may be
    In a study of women with pelvic pain presumed to be
    due to endometriosis, supplementation with vitamin E (1,200 IU per day) and
    vitamin C (1,000 mg per day) for two months resulted in an improvement of pain
    in 43% of women, whereas none of the women receiving a placebo reported pain

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