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    Questions You Should Always Ask Your Doctor

    • Why do I need the treatment you’re recommending?
    • What are the risks of my condition/ailment?
    • Are there any treatment alternatives?
    • What happens if I do nothing?
    • (For medications) How do I take this?
    • (For tests) How do I prepare? What’s the accuracy rate?

    At the end of the visit, ask:

    • Do I need to return for another visit?
    • Can I phone in for test results?
    • What danger signs should I look for?
    • When do I need to report back about my condition?
    • What else do I need to know?

    After your visit, more questions may pop up. Be sure to ask either the doctor or the front desk staff for the best ways of getting in touch with the doctor to ask any additional questions or share additional concerns.

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