Last Night DJ Jazzy Jeff Saved My Life

A great workout for many of us, consists of a great workout playlist.  Fueled with the songs that keep us going, a great playlist energizes our mind and ears–and the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff still continues to do that, not in a traditional gym, but on the dancefloor.

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At the age of 49, Jeff “DJ Jazzy Jeff” Townes made a name for himself after being one of half of the chart-breaking duo DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince with rapper-turned-movie star, Will Smith. Now, world reknown for his skill on the turntables, Jeff shares how he prepares to make people sweat on the dancefloor:

“I play everything. My whole thing is taking people on that journey that you’re supposed to take as a DJ, no matter what type of music that is. When I came up and I was carrying a crate of records, I would have a hip-hop crate and an R&B crate, and you would have a reggae section and you would have some rock records and some breakbeats. You had a smorgasbord of music that you picked from through the night.