5 Daily Habits That Are Hurting Your Beauty

A woman applying a face mask to her skin as she smiles in the mirrorYou wash your face every night. You drink enough water daily. You eat right. You exercise. You use SPF every day. You get enough sleep.

Great job!

However, a few of your daily beauty habits may still be hurting you:

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Wrapping wet hair up in a towel. Rubbing your wet hair with a towel, pulling/wrapping it too tightly, or brushing or combing it too hard can all lead to damaged, frizzy locks.

Instead: Gently blot away excess moisture with a towel. If you must wrap up your wet hair after climbing out of the shower, use a cotton t-shirt instead, since the fabric tend to be more gentle on hair. Also, be sure to use a good leave-in conditioner and a widetooth comb.