Alicia Keys’ 33rd Birthday Beauty Tribute

Alicia Keys posing in a black dress and black stone and diamond necklace at an eventWhat better way to celebrate Alicia Keys’ 33rd birthday than to talk about how great and healthy she’s looking? It’s like with each year her body looks shapelier, her skin glows more, and her style is just impeccable.

In a recent interview, Alicia Keys’ makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff discussed some of the musician’s favorite healthy beauty products. If you are looking to keep your own diva beauty status going, take note:

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1. Primer 

Laura Mercier Mineral Primer, (, $30)

This is a great product for pre-makeup/post cleansing & moisturizing preparation. Face primers are awesome because they fill in every crease and crevice, making your face smooth and ready for blush, foundation, etc. The best part? It doesn’t clog your pores!