How To Get A Loved One To See The Doctor

Grandparents sitting on a sofa and helping their grandson to solve a puzzle( – Many of us disregard the importance of regular checkups. Some of us avoid doctor visits out of fear and others simply because it’s not part of our routine. When your loved one puts off seeing the doctor, a small health problem can become a more serious one. And some of the most serious health issues don’t always have obvious symptoms.

African-Americans face a higher risk of some serious health conditions, including diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer, asthma and obesity. Therefore, it’s crucial to encourage friends and family to make an appointment for a checkup or screening.

Where You Come In

You may be the one person who can persuade your loved one to go to the doctor. Getting him or her through the door is the key. Doctors can assess someone’s health and well-being by asking basic questions about diet and lifestyle, and running some quick tests. Also, the doctor may be able to suggest behaviors or treatments to minimize serious health problems.

While it’s important for people of all ages to see a doctor regularly, people age 50 and over are more at risk for a host of medical conditions and should see a doctor at least once a year.