Make Your Cocktails Guilt-Free!

six cocktails on a barWhether you’re getting together with friends to have a few drinks or celebrating the holiday season with a festive cocktail or two, it is possible to have a guilt-free night of fun.

Many drinks are heavy on calories and fat, which isn’t good when you’re trying to maintain healthy eating habits. But instead of just sipping seltzer and missing out on all of the cheer, here are a few simple tricks to keep cocktails from showing up on the scale.

Start with some bubbly

Sorry, not champagne! Instead, start off with a glass of no-calorie seltzer (or still water). The bubbles from the carbonation will give your stomach a full feeling, which helps you slow down and think about your food and drink choices as the night progresses. If you pace myself, you have better control. Plus, it’s no surprise that the calories in cocktails quickly add up, so you can also alternate seltzer between rounds.

Order it with extra rocks