Men’s Moves That Women Should Be Doing

A woman on one knee lifting a weight( — Sure they might wear the same cut up t-shirt to the gym every day but there’s one thing that the guys definitely get right: they’re usually not afraid to hit the weights, lifting heavy and trying different moves.

Try these four moves to tighten and tone your entire body (2 to 3 sets of 10 to 12 repetitions of each). They aren’t just for the boys anymore! And no worries, lifting like a man will not make you look like one!

1. Romanian Deadlift: This along with the chest press is often considered the ultimate “guy move” but not only do deadlifts work your hamstrings and low back like nothing else can, they have an added benefit for girls in that they help strengthen your pelvic floor.

Stand with feet hip width apart in front of a loaded bar (don’t be afraid to put heavy weights on that thing!). Bend down and grip the bar; keeping it close to your body, stand back up. Ensuring that your knees are very bent, and keeping your back and arms straight, bend down slowly and lift up slowly.

Man tip: Keep your chest and head up!