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    The Best Eye Exercises

    This should begin with a conversation with your doctor. If you regularly suffer from eyestrain, blurred vision, headaches, and/or increased sensitivity to bright light, your doctor may prescribe eye exercises.

    It’s important to note that eye exercises may not be as effective for certain conditions, including nearsightedness or dyslexia. Also, these exercises are usually not effective for paralysis of an eye muscle, or eye muscle spasms.

    What Eye Exercises Will My Doctor Prescribe?

    Eye exercises strengthen the eye muscles, improve focusing, eye movements, and stimulate the vision center of the brain. Through a series of progressive therapeutic exercises, you can be instructed on how to control your eye muscles and to see properly.

    The eye exercises prescribed are usually unique to the patient.

    Examples include:

    • Changing focus of both eyes from near to far and back to near, and then switching as each distance becomes clear
    • Covering one eye with one hand and looking at different objects continuously instead of staring at just one object
    • Concentrating the eye on a solitary object
    • Having the eye follow a pattern in order to build vision muscles

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