Quick Relationship Fixes

Couple Sitting On Sofa Watching TV Together(BlackDoctor.org) —  Not too long ago, one of my very good friends was a having a little bit of relationship trouble. Maybe it was wrong, but I kinda laughed when she said “If I hear the words ‘date night’ from one more relationship expert, I’m going to throw some aphrodisiac in their face!”

My friend didn’t want to make a date night every single night. Or jump out of a plane to get the dopamine flowing. Or enroll in Circus Performing 101. She just wanted a healthy relationships, and what really frustrated her was that people generally recommend doing all the above and more to beat a passion plateau.

As my friend said, all the above take t-i-m-e (not to mention some acrobatic skills), which some of us don’t have a lot of these days.

So, how do you keep a relationship going strong when you just don’t have tons of time?

If You Have 10 Seconds…. Hit pause.  This will come in handy the next time he’s getting on your very last nerve. Say, when he’s procastinating, making you late again to visit your mother. Before one righteous word flies out of your mouth, FREEZE. Just watch him for 10 seconds. Visualize yourself in his shoes. Visualize him as he looked the first time you fell in love with him. Ten seconds gives you time to think about whether this is serious enough to fight about, and understand what might be going on in his mind. Then again, you might conclude that, yes, he is a total jerk.  But at least you tried!