Thandie Newton Goes Natural For Her Kids

Thandie NewtonHollywood star Thandie Newton, as well as her gorgeous, natural hair, is taking a new kind of role: a positive role model for her daughters.

The British-born actress, 39, revealed she decided to stop straightening her hair in a bid to discourage her daughters, Ripley and Nico, from feeling insecure about their natural curls.

Earlier this month, Newton told longtime friend and make-up artist Kay Montano, “I didn’t want my daughters to judge their beautiful curls.”

She added: “The stigma with some black women seems to be that ‘nappy hair’ (natural afro hair) is almost as bad as a loo roll trailing from your shoe. I’ve always let my daughter’s hair be wild and scruffy…in the States, I had remarks about how I don’t take care of their hair. The truth is I choose to keep it that way.”

Newton went on to say, “When I see hair that’s been pulled, stretched, brushed till bullet smooth I just think ‘ouch’. I have my limits, sometimes I have to beg Nico to let me tidy it up for fear of her looking like she’s been neglected!”