Couple Lost Over 500lbs: “We Beat Fat”

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    On January 6, 2011, an overweight Angela and Willie made a decision to literally change their life. One of the events that led to this decision was that their goddaughter was born. But that once joyus occassion quickly turned to fear as he thought he may not even be alive long enough to see her fifth birthday. It was time to make the change.

    “We always complained before that we didn’t have time for the gym so we didn’t make it apart of life. That time was spent watching TV or eating or something not productive. But I found since I started going to the gym, I still has as much time as I did before and do pretty much all the same things. The biggest difference now is I don’t waste time.”

    “Support is such a big deal when losing weight. Everyone needs that one person to help them through to talk to and someone who will hold them accountable. That person has been my husband. I’ve lost a lot of weight, but I’m so incredibly proud of my husband. He’s done an amazing job.”

    As of February 2013, Willie has lost 300 lbs and Angela lost 200 lbs. Here is a walk through their journey

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