Denzel Washington: Boxing Workout

denzel boxingAt 60, the Oscar-winning star of such films as Malcolm X and Training Day follows a workout routine that would tire out most men half his age. Washington does 10 rounds of boxing five days a week — a good exercise that combines strength training and aerobic exercise, helping to build muscles and burn fat at the same time. If you’d like to try a boxing workout, a boxing gym is a good place to start.

But you must be aware that boxing is a serious workout. You work almost every muscle in the body. A person can burn between 400-1,000 calories. The reason that so many celebrities use boxing as a way to lose weight is because boxing is interval training. That means that so 3 minutes you go really hard and then you let your hart rate slow down for 1 minutes and then you do that again and again. This form of fitness burns almost 20% more fat than if you were to hard for the duration! Use boxing to lose weight and part of your fitness training!

To help you hone your skills, here are 3 workouts to improve your staying power:

The Workouts

1. UFC Power Punches