Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder: More Serious Than You Think


Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD) is something that Traci Braxton, family member of the famed Braxton clan with standout stars Tamar and Toni Braxton as sister. In an episode of their hit reality TV show, Traci said that she suffered from the condition.

Kim Ramsey knows it well too.  Ms. Ramsey suffers from the disorder that gives her continuous orgasms that are oftentimes unwarranted and painful.  She first had problems with continuous orgasms after having sex with a new boyfriend in 2008. “I had constant orgasms for four days. I thought I was going mad. It also happened with a new partner and I even tried sitting on frozen peas.” Doctors believe the incurable syndrome was caused by an accident in 2001 when she fell down some stairs.

Ramsey shares that as soon as her story became public, she was misunderstood and sometimes even ridiculed or made fun of, when the condition itself is very serious. The symptoms for every woman with PGAD vary, but the predominant factor is pain. “Yes, it’s painful,” Ramsey admits. “Many people get caught up on the sexual aspect as it is sensational and catches peoples’ interest. Nobody wants to read about pain. But everyone wants to hear about orgasms. So generally the public and medical professionals are misinformed about the condition because they are not getting the information and then they fill in the blanks with their own personal experiences.”

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