Lift Your Breasts…Naturally

    …hands placed flat on the ground under you about a shoulder’s width apart. Use your arms to push your body up into an even “plank” position where your butt is even with the rest of your body, and then come back down into resting position. If a full pushup is too hard for you, you can use the modified “girl version” of push ups by getting on your hands and knees, extending your arms out a few inches in front of you at shoulder’s width apart, and then use your knees to balance you as you bring your face and chest down to the ground in a push up.  Doing 50 push ups in a week will give you great results within a month! Trust me, it’s worth the work.

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    • Weight Lifting: Weight lifting is also another great way to build up the pectoral muscle. Bench pressing is one of the most ideal exercises in weight training to build up the chest, but if you are not that advanced in your training, try a simple balance ball exercise you can do at the gym or at home. Use a balance ball to support your weight under your upper back and extend your legs out in a 90 degree angle.  Five-pound free weights are recommended, but if the weight is a little too heavy for you, you can go down to three pounds. Start with a free weight in each hand with your hands rested on the ground at your sides.  Bring your arms up into a 90 degree angle and hold the position for a few seconds. As soon as you can no longer handle the position, drop the weights back down to your sides, take a few seconds to rest and go back into the same motion.

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