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    4 Ways To Lift Your Breasts…Naturally

    …get your bra size measured by a professional. Ladies, I know Victoria’s Secret claims to be the #1 leader in bra fitting, but if you are beyond a 36DD, VS will send you off on your bra size. Trust me, my twin sister wears a HH and they get her size wrong every time.  My advice to you is to go and get measured by the bra fit specialists at INTIMACY for your true bra size. You can find the Intimacy nearest here.

    To learn how to measure yourself, watch this quick Youtube guide on how to measure your bra size correctly.


    Do Exercises That Build Up The Pectoral Muscles

    The breast mainly consists of fat, but the entire mass sits on top of a muscle called the pectoral. When you do exercises that build up this muscle, you provide a solid base to help hold up the fat on top to prevent sagging.  Here are two simple exercises you can do even in your home to help firm, lift and shape your breasts, no matter what size they are!

    • Push Ups: A simple set of at least 10 push ups a day can help strengthen the pectoral muscles and set you on your way to more lifted breasts.  The proper way to do a push up is to lay flat on your stomach with your…

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