Treatment Beats Watchful Waiting for Older Prostate Cancer Patients

older man looking out of windowAggressive treatment of early prostate cancer, and not watchful waiting,
improves the survival of older men, a new study

“There has been a
belief that watchful waiting was the safest treatment for older men with
moderate prostate cancer,” said Dr. Yu-Ning Wong, an oncologist at Fox Chase
Cancer Center who is lead author of the report in the Dec. 13 issue of the
Journal of the American Medical Association. “Our study suggests there
may be a survival benefit,” Wong said.

But a more
definitive answer will have to wait for the outcome of controlled studies that
are under way, Wong added.

“Our study was
observational,” she said. “We looked at the records of men treated or not
treated for prostate cancer. It was not a randomized, controlled

The issue of
treatment vs. watchful waiting has grown in importance as more men live longer;
many are diagnosed with low- and intermediate-grade cancer that poses no
immediate threat to their lives.

The study looked at
data on more than 44,000 such men, aged 65 to 80, who survived a year or more
past diagnosis. About three quarters of them — 32,000 — had surgery or
radiation therapy in the six months following diagnosis. Another 12,600 did not,
as the physicians opted for watchful waiting.