M.C. Hammer: You Can’t Touch His Daily Routine

    mc%20hammer M.C. Hammer: You Cant Touch His Daily Routine

    Stanley Kirk Burrell, better known to many as M.C. Hammer, had his biggest success in the 1980’s and 90’s as a rapper with hits like, “Let’s Get It Started,” “2 Legit 2 Quit,” and “U Can’t Touch This.” Over 20 years later, the now 52-year-old dancer, minister and entrepreneur, spends much of his time speaking, watching his investments and staying fit.  All of which boils down to his daily routine (see below):
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    On Sleeping:

    I average between four and five hours a night. I can’t go to bed before 1am either; I have to stay up, whether watching tv or catching up on mail. I suppose that’s the musician in me being used to operating into the night. You have to do what works for your body.

    On Morning Meals:

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