Kelly Price: “You Are Beautiful”

    Singer, songwriter and now reality star, Kelly Price has worked with many big names in the business, but has been in the background singing background vocals or touring as a background singer, because many told her she didn’t “fit the profile.”  The R&B Diva sounds off about what she’s learned about herself, being a mother and her image over the past few years.

    On her reality TV experience so far:
    You don’t know what reality TV is until you do it…and now I know what reality TV is! I’m not turned off by it. I have actually had an animal awakened in me, and so with that I am going to pursue it in a manner that only Kelly Price can. And that for me coming off of the ‘R&B Divas’ experience is to pursue reality TV with a Kelly Price twist and that would be ‘Too Fat For Fame.’

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