3 Natural Detoxes To Spring Clean Your Body

sea saltAn overhaul on clutter and dust that has collected within your personal space over the months is needed. You’re going to put in work to get your space in order, but don’t stop your spring cleaning once your closets are cleared. Your body needs a cleansing of the garbage foods and substances that you’ve packed into it the past few months.

If you are looking for a great way to flush out your system and to see positive changes in your skin, energy levels and weight, try these natural detox formulas that are inexpensive and easy to make or buy!

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Sea Salt Detox

This detox is used to flush out the colon and is best done in the morning when you first wake up before starting your day. Stay close to the bathroom because when this detox runs through your system you will need it! Sea salt, warm water and a 8-16oz cup or glass is needed. Pour 1 tablespoon of sea salt into a class and fill it up with lukewarm water. Mix in the sea salt until fully dissolved in the water and drink the entire cup down. Prepare to become regular and to feel at least five pounds lighter!