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    What Supermarkets Don’t Want You To Know

    462157473 What Supermarkets Dont Want You To Know
    Ever wonder why you go into a store and end up spending MORE than you originally planned?? The placement of items on store shelves is not by chance. Here, the experts explain how they think and how items are placed to make you purchase.

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    Top Shelf
    On the shelf: Smaller brands, regional brands, gourmet brands

    Explanation: The items here give “tone and texture” to the shelf layout, Liebmann says, helping the supermarket stand out from its competitors. These smaller brands usually don’t have the budgets to pay for more favorable placement.

    Top shelf tip: The specialty items found on the top shelf are generally chosen by local store managers, not determined by the supermarket’s central headquarters. If you’d like your store to stock a particular item on this shelf, talk to the manager.


    Second and Third Shelves From the Top

    Explanation: Best sellers and other leading brands

    “Brands that sell best are always in what’s called the ‘bull’s-eye zone,’ front and center, right in your sight line. It is the best placement, and the manufacturers have to pay for it,” says Childress. Tesler adds: “There’s no advantage for the supermarket to show you the lowest-priced item in the most effective spot. So here you tend to see higher-priced items or items with the highest markup.” Secondary brands hoping to benefit from being shelved next to the leaders also pay for placement in the bull’s-eye.

    2nd & 3rd Shelf Tip: Look below the bull’s-eye to find similar products for a lot less, says Childress.

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