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    Using Selfies For Prescriptions

    selfie Using Selfies For Prescriptions

    Since day one of smartphones having a camera feature, the term “selfies” began to pop up everywhere.  The act of a person taking their own picture solo or with a group of people has gotten the attention from everyone including celebrities and the White House. But can this simple, seemingly-harmless  activity actually be a key to healthy skin?  One doctor seems to think so.

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    David Lortscher plans to use selfies in his medical practice. The San Diego dermatologist has started a company named PocketDerm, and it offers prescription medicine using online pictures.

    “If the patient takes a few high quality photos, if they give us a really good sense of their medical history,” said Dr. Lortscher,” we select a prescription regiment for him.”


    The idea is to treat people at home or work, rather than make them come into the doctor’s office.

    Dr. Steve Steinhubl with Scripps Health says dermatology is on the leading edge of this sort of tele-health technology.

    “We are just at the beginning of mobile health,” said Steinhubl.

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