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    Q&A: Home Remedies for Skin Moles?

    woman in mirror face creamQ: What can I do for my dermatosis papulosa nigra? Are there home remedies? Is medical treatment the only solution? – Brandy N.


    A: Dematosis papulosa nigra, better known as moles, is not all that uncommon but does occur in about 35% of African Americans. There are a number of home remedies that will prove to be particularly useful in getting rid of them to some degree. Here are FOUR top remedies that seem to work:


    1. Squeezing a clove of garlic and placing it over the area that needs cleansing before covering it with a bandage is known to be very effective in reducing the prominence of skin moles.

    2. You could also try crushing some vitamin C tablets and applying the powder over the spotted area of the skin, holding it in place with the help of an adhesive bandage.

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