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    Luckie’s Quick Tips: Can You Do The “Penguin Crunch”?


    Check out this week’s quick tips for better sleep, fitness and diet!

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     Luckie’s Sleep Tip: Avoid large meals before sleep


    • Promotes high quality sleep: Consuming a large meal requires more energy for digestion. Increased energy used for digestion can disrupt sleep.
    • Can assist in getting 7-8 hours of sleep: Getting 7-8 hour of high quality sleep can help with: Appetite control, energy improvement, stress reduction, production of growth hormone for calorie-burning muscle, optimal performance during exercise, maximum results for races or other competitive sporting events

    HOW TO DO: Have a light snack (such as warm milk and a banana) no less than one hour before bed. Sweet dreams!

    Luckie’s Exercise Tip: Penguin Crunch


    • Tones obliques (muscles along sides of torso)

    HOW TO DO:

    1. Lay on back with shoulders/neck raised off floor.

    penguin crunch start

    2. Contract abs. This is the starting position.

    3. While contracting abs, touch left ankle with left hand. Return to starting position.

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